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Travel Agency of Change:
Building Virtual and Real-World Partnerships for a Better World

The Hip Hop Re:Education Project continues to build national and international partnerships committed to virtual and real-world artistic exchange and the development of peace, knowledge and mutual understanding. Want to visit NYC--the birthplace of Hip Hop? We've got the connections to help you out! Capable of supporting a youth delegation from NYC in your city or town? Let us know!

Currently our two main Travel of Agency Change programs include:

Cyber Cypher: A partnership with CultureHub, a digital media studio that specializes in long-distance collaborative learning and art project development. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we have facilitated virtual meet-ups between youth in Manchester, U.K., New Orleans, LA and Berlin, DE. During these Cyber Cyphers, young people share their narratives, collaborate on new artistic material and develop solutions to common problems experienced by young people the world-over. For more information...

BronxBerlinConnection: A partnership with Gangway, e.V., Berlin's largest street-work organization, the BronxBerlinConnection engages young people from New York City and Berlin in a year-round cross cultural exchange program. Using the same beats, common lyrical themes and different languages on two separate continents this program works to not only produce multi-lingual, cross-cultural poems, songs and albums, but more importantly it seeks to engage today’s youth in a continual process of cultural exchange, raising forth critical dialogue and fostering mutual understanding. Thus far the BronxBerlinConnection has developed 2 full-length records, facilitated 4 international cultural exchange trips and filmed and released dozens of music videos and mini-documentaries. For more information...